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Since 1986.


Lacote Labradors are located at Arcadia, a small rural town in the hills district of Sydney, only 60 minutes from Sydney CBD.  I am a professional breeder with 33 years experience. I enjoy breeding Labradors of the highest standard for all purposes including day to day companion, show, field, assistance dogs, gun dogs etc.  We have spent the last 21 years importing Labradors from some of the finest kennels in the northern hemisphere, mostly from The USA, Canada and Europe.  We imported dogs, bitches and frozen semen from some exceptional lines and today, these bloodlines exist within Lacote.  

Lacote Labradors aim to produce Labrador Retrievers that not only meet the standard, but are sound in temperament, body and health. Our charter is to produce sound, beautiful Labradors with wonderful temperaments making them the perfect companion.

We began in 1986 when we acquired two yellow Labradors, Driftway Bundy and Pomare Batu (right and left respectfully in the below photo).  Both these Labradors had amazing temperaments and combined with there physical beauty, I was hooked on the breed.  The above photo was taken in November 1988.

A question I am asked frequently is about the origin of our prefix “LACOTE”.  The name originated from one of my favourite luthiers (guitar builder) from the early nineteenth century, Rene Lacote.  I owned five of Rene’s amazing guitars, pictured below.  

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With the advent of the internet and access to information including the ability to see and study foreign Labradors, we began our journey in the late 1990’s – early 2000’s in importing some exceptional bloodlines which today are inbeded in all our Labradors.  You can see these wonderful Labradors by searching through our menu.  The most influential import was from our wonderful friends in Quebec Canada,  Chablais Labradors.  Chablais Pierre has been one of the most influential chocolate Labradors to have been imported into our kennel because through him we have soundness, type and calm temperaments in our lines.   The below photo of Pierre was taken in 2012 at the age of 4. 

One of the most amazing experiences we have enjoyed was the short stay of one of the most titled Chocolate Labradors in history, One of only two LRC of the Potomac BOB winners (A show that exhibits on average 1500 Labradors) and a Labrador who is totled in three countries (USA, Canada and China) as well as being a Multi Best In Specialty Show winner, and this was Chablais John Kaffe.  Before he departed, he blessed our kennel with a son, Lacote Johnnys Pick.  The below Photo of Chablais John Kaffe was taken during his stay in Europe.

Before his departure, we were fortunate enough to breed John Kaffe to Croftsway Blackberry and produced, Lacote Beethoven.  We exported Beethoven to our friends in Taiwan, Steven Wu and he was titled at the end onf the year 2013 as the top winning Labrador in Taiwan which is a very competitive tournament.

We also imported some wonderful bitch lines. One of the finest bitches we imported was Chablais Biscotti who went on to produce many exceptional Labradors for our kennel.

In partnership with our great friends in New Zealand, Croftsway Labradors we jointly imported a magnificent strong stud from Canada, Eagertrieve Downtown Brown “Dylan”, now retired, but what an impact he had within our kennel and also in our region.  Dylan is a Canadian and New Zealand Champion.  Continuing our wonderful friendship, we now jointly own a yellow Polish import, PLAY THE FOOL BELLA MARE.  All these boys can be seen in our STUDS menu. 

We have been trusted with some wonderful bloodlines and it is our mission to take the utmost care and do our very best with the lines that have been entrusted to us. We spend countless hours and resources to create a wonderful line of our own here at Lacote Labradors

Please feel free to contact us with any questions in relation to our beautiful breed.