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Lacote Boarding is available to Labradors only. This is a boutique facility that we happily make available for Labradors to spend  time with relatives and friends. We are a fully licensed,  approved Labrador facility located in the picturesque Hills District of Sydney. Your Labrador runs free in fully fenced grassed yards set amongst tree lined paddocks overlooked by the on-site residence. Lacote  Boarding is a truly unique country retreat where your Labradors meet new and old friends and play all day long. Fully enclosed spacious, insulated kennels with timber floorboards and trampoline beds keep your pets secure at night ensuring their every comfort.

Lacote Boarding welcomes visitors by appointment

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*Peak times include all school holiday periods and public holidays. Prices are quoted per night. Drop off and pickup is between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 5pm Saturdays or by prior arrangement .  We are closed Sundays and public holidays. All charges are at the discretion of Lacote Boarding.   

Thanks for your interest in using our boarding services for your beautiful Lacote Labrador! The easiest way to secure your booking with us is to complete this online booking form. However, if you have any questions about our Terms and Conditions or need to discuss specific requirements before placing your booking, please contact Ray 0427 888 887 or Suzi 0414 210 278. We welcome you to Lacote Labradors.

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Terms and Conditions

Rates are charged per night. Drop off and pick up between 8am-5pm by prior arrangement
All dogs must have C5 vaccination as a minimum.
A copy of the current vaccination certificate must be presented at least 2 weeks prior to dropping off your Labrador at Lacote Pet Boarding.
Undesexed males may be charged at the highter rate.  We will confirm with you prior to accepting the booking.
If the said dog requires veterinary attention, the owner hereby authorises the proprietors to engage the services of a veterinary surgeon. All costs associated with engaging the veterinarian will be paid for by the owner including but not limited to the cost of any medicines, drugs, operations, out of pocket expenses and any other costs associated with said engagement.
The proprietors shall not be liable for contraction of any foreign canine viruses or the loss, death, tick poisoning, snake bite or injury to the said dog whether by sickness, accident or otherwise.
If the said dog is not collected within 14 days from the date of departure, and no communication is received from the owner/agent, authority is granted to the proprietor to keep said dog.
Thank you and we look forward to meeting you and your Labradors at Lacote Pet Boarding.

Lacote Boarding is the home of Lacote Labradors. Lacote puppies are given preference when looking to board with us and we welcome the opportunity to meet again with our puppies and their families. A simple way that we say thank you to the Lacote family.